11 settembre 2014

I make works that could be thought of as withdrawn. Though the things in my drawings are all real objects drawn from life, they don’t readily reveal what they are. Through a process of intensive observation, things are reduced to their simplest, most essential forms. Once unlocked, these forms create strange interconnections across conventional boundaries – a tree branch echoes a river delta echoes a lightning strike echoes a capillary network…


Working in series, things and places are treated according to a flat ontology, with equal weight given to matter and empty space. As part of a process of abstraction intrinsically tied to the act of observation itself, things are reduced to edges, planes, shapes and contours – the vibrant lines where positive and negative space collide. Stripped of their ordinary contexts and meanings, they are suspended in a state of not becoming.


There are no fictions or narratives here. This is the sharp edge of ‘from life’ engagement free of the closures of representation. It is a process of distillation and translation, of mining the rift between essence and appearance, the space in which things begin to fall apart.